Get Funcy!!


U Functional Training is a private functional training studio founded in the Roseville / Granite Bay area. We offer General Health and Wellness as well as specialized performance training. First established in 2008, we pride ourselves on the belief that we can help anyone reach any and every type of fitness goal.
With that being said, U functional has experience designing individual training programs for clients ranging from little league, over 50 Masters track meets, or someone who simply wants help running thier first ever marathon!
Needless to say, whatever your fitness level or fitness goal, no matter how simple or world class you may be, U Functional is ready to take you to the next level!
Aside from offering top of the line training and experience in several areas, our training staff is comprised of lifetime trainers. Trainers who have devoted their life to a career in health and wellness and its many avenues. Our trainers are passionate about passing on knowledge and providing a stress free, learn friendly environment that allows all clients to work forward towards thier goals without obstacles. 
U Functional specializes in maximizing each and every person’s own personal potential. Teaching clients how to move sound and safe through all types of everyday movement patterns. Providing a safe and realistic approach at both setting goals and achieving them. Understanding the balance between a happy healthy mind and a happy healthy body.



U Functional Training